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Willows Farm Code of Practice

In 2012, NFAN worked closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to develop an Industry Code of Practice.  The code creates a common framework for how children and adults should interact with animals at farm parks.

The Code of Practice is now an essential document for HSE agencies when they inspect premises, as well as farm parks themselves.

Going further, in 2018 NFAN launched the independently assessed Animal Attraction Assurance Scheme. Including an annual inspection, the scheme provides reassurance that the Code of Practice has been implemented to the highest possible standards.

Download the code of practice    Read about the AAA scheme

The 10 Point Checklist

The key recommendations in the Industry Code of Practice have been summarised in a 10 point checklist which NFAN members are required to adhere to…

1. Your attraction provides and maintains adequate hand washing facilities.
2. Visitors are advised to wash their hands before eating or drinking.
3. Clean hot and cold or warm running water is provided.
4. Soap is provided.
5. Cleansing wipes or anti-bacterial gels where used are in addition to proper hand washing – not as a substitute.
6. The public are prevented from entering animal pens.
7. Visitors are prohibited from eating and drinking in animal contact areas.
8. Where play or picnic areas are adjacent to animal contact areas, contact with animals is prevented e.g. by double fencing.
9. Staff appreciate risks associated with non hand washing.
10. Adequate information is given to visitors on the risks and controls.

Download a leaflet for your customers

Attend a Code of Practice workshop

NFAN run Health & Safety workshops including the Industry Code of Practice. Click here for dates of our next NFAN Code of Practice Seminar.

Any farm park or rural attraction who have questions about the Industry Code of Practice are encouraged to call the NFAN office on 03333 44 8987.

Become Certified

We are proud that over 60 NFAN members have joined The Animal Attraction Assurance Scheme, which independently certifies Farm Attraction implementing the Industry Code of Practice.

Find out more about The Animal Attraction Assurance Scheme

NFAN’s Industry Guidance Notes were updated in 2017 to take on board the Industry Code of Practice and the latest changes in legislation.

The Industry Guidance Notes (2017) comprises a series of 9 Practice Notes which can be downloaded by clicking the links below.

NFAN Industry Guidance Index

NFAN Industry Guidance Introduction

PN1 – Location Entrances and Car Parks

PN2 – Public Walkways Animal Feeding and Petting Areas

PN3 – Picnic and Recreational Areas

PN4 – Play Areas & Play Equipment

PN5 – Food Prep Areas, Kiosks, Cafe’s and Kit

PN6 – Mechanical & Visitor Attraction Equipment

PN7 – Employment of Young Persons

PN8 – Risk Assessment

PN9 – First Aid and Accident Reporting

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With over 200 farm members, The National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN) unites the farm and rural attraction industry.

Encouraging best practice and knowledge sharing, we proactively update members on the latest HSE advice, represent the farm attraction industry at government meetings, run events and provide ongoing support and guidance.

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