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If you are a Farm Park or Rural Visitor Attraction, there are so many reasons to join NFAN.  Plus, with exclusive offers from our trade members and the opportunity to join our inspiring open days and education workshops, it’s a great time to become a member.

Influence the Industry’s Direction

  • NFAN is one of the key consultants having worked with the HSE to create the Industry Code of Practice for farm visits.   As a Member, you will be kept up-to-date on the latest industry advice and have direct contact with the NFAN Members who liaise with HSE on future guidelines.
  • NFAN are often asked for their opinion from other trade bodies and government agencies.   You have direct access to the Committee who liaise with such bodies.

Network and Learn from Fellow Members

  • Encouraging networking has and always will be a core function of The NFAN.  All Members tell us that sharing ideas and best practice with fellow operators is priceless.  Throughout the year, The NFAN organises regular events to foster good working relationships between the UK’s Farm park industry.
  • Events vary from specialist workshops led by industry experts to Open Days at farm parks across the country, overnight road shows and the NFAN Annual Conference.

Access our Members Only Sections of the website

  • Some sections of the website are only accessible to Members including advice articles on issues including planning, sources of grant funding, business rates etc. (an extremely useful resource).

Facebook Group

  • Got a problem, seeking advice, want to share a success? The members only Facebook Group is a superb resource for peer to peer support. Within minutes you can have invaluable feedback from other NFAN members.

Receive Sound Industry Advice

  • Tap into a pool of expert knowledge – in addition to the free telephone service, you’ll get access to the Members only section of the website.
  • Be the first to hear important industry news by email and obtain access to the resources section of the NFAN website.
  • Attend educational FarmHub workshops to grow your knowledge in specific areas.
  • For those new to the industry, you’ll get specific advice to set you on the right path.
  • After a grant? We can advise where you could source grant aid funding, including the provision of a supporting letter to strengthen your grant application.

Animal Attraction Assured certification

  • In 2018 NFAN launched the new Animal Attraction Assured (AAA) certification scheme. This benchmark standard is an annual audit of compliance with the Industry Code of Practice and can offer significant savings on insurance premiums for certified venues – details on the website here

Obtain Free Consultations & Special Discounts

  • Have a planning problem, need advice on health & safety issues, or other key areas of your business? NFAN members get a free initial telephone consultation with one of our panel of experts.
  • Want a recommended insurance product? Through our preferred insurance partner, we can offer NFAN members competitive insurance tailored to the needs of the farm attraction industry.

Participate in Marketing Activity

  • As a Member your details will be added to the NFAN website, often used as a source of information for day out directory website and you can use the NFAN logo.

Enter our Annual Awards

  • Only open to Members, the NFAN Awards showcase the best in the industry. The awards encourage operators to compete with the best in the business and strive for improvement to meet the NFAN Awards standard.

“Being Members allowed us to enter and win the NFAN awards, a great boost for the staff and for marketing.”

Steve Vinden, Odds Farm Park

“I cannot recommend the NFAN highly enough. I would, go so far as to say, it would be foolhardy to proceed without them.”

Tim Rollings, Fishers Farm Park

“They fill the knowledge information gap which any farmer wishing to diversify must have.”

Sandra Palmer, Farmer Palmers Farm Park

“NFAN gives you plenty of networking opportunities. Getting to know other farm park operators with similar issues has huge benefits.”

Richard Waring, Rand Farm Park

Farm Park Membership Categories & Prices for 2024:

Farm Park Membership fees vary depending on the number of annual visitors your attraction welcomes.

Memberships are 12-months from the date of registration.

Take a look at the 2024 prices below.

 Annual Price (plus VAT)
Less than 20,000 annual visitors£158
20,000 to 74,000 annual visitors£257
75,000 to 149,000 annual visitors£362
More than 150,000 annual visitors£520

Probationary Membership

We ask all NFAN Members to indicate a commitment to best practice and follow the Industry Code of Practice. It is in the interest of all farm parks that NFAN Members agree to promote best practice, as well as commit to quality standards and continuous improvements.
As part of the online application form, you will be asked to let us know whether you are compliant with the core components of the Industry Code of Practice. This is to help us identify members that need further support. If you are working towards any of the 15 components, we have a dedicated team who will support you in becoming compliant. Your Membership status will be set as Probationary Membership and once you are complaint in all aspects (within 12 months unless you are not yet open), your status will change to Full Membership. As a Probationary Member, you still have full membership benefits including attending events, joining group chats, accessing the Facebook Group etc. If you have any queries please contact the NFAN Team 

Welcome to NFAN

With over 200 farm members, The National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN) unites the farm and rural attraction industry.

Encouraging best practice and knowledge sharing, we proactively update members on the latest HSE advice, represent the farm attraction industry at government meetings, run events and provide ongoing support and guidance.

Find out more about the role of NFAN.


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